Individual Coaching

Clients can work with me individually.  During these sessions, I help you identify your growth agenda and give you the tools you need to bring about the growth and change you desire personally or professionally.   These sessions can be done online.

Group Workshops

Through workshops, I help group members grow individually and collectively in order to help them reach a desired goal. Some of the group work I do is specific to individuals who have shared a common challenging life experience.

Key to our growth and transformation is examining, assessing and transforming core beliefs that make up our unconscious views about ourselves, others and the world in which we live.  Conscious or unconscious, core beliefs prevent us from changing and growing what we desire in our relationships, career, finances, emotions, body, and spirit.

This work requires you to be open minded and willing to take a deep dive into your interior self.  As your guide, I provide the support and tools you need throughout your journey!

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