My name is Miriam Ocasio and I am an Empowerment Life Coach and Workshop trainer.  I support and guide the personal and professional growth of individuals and groups by teaching them how to:

  • Shift their  focus from what isn’t working to what they desire
  • Shift their thinking from a static view of growth to an organic view of growth
  • Integrate self-awareness/behavioral change to bring about their desired results

The approach

  • Increase knowledge (self-awareness) to determine what is desired and what is important to you.
  • Translate knowledge into a compelling vision.
  • Identify and transform beliefs that limit growth and change.
  • Adopt an actionable growth strategy to attain goals.

Click Resources for information on the Empowerment Model

Key to this work is helping clients examine, assess and transform beliefs that make up their unconscious views about themselves, others and the world in which they live.  Conscious or unconscious, limiting beliefs prevent us from changing and growing what we desire in our relationships, career, finances, emotions, body, and spirit.

Through workshops, I help group members grow individually and collectively in order to help them reach a desired goal. Some of the group work I do is specific to individuals who have shared a common challenging life experience.

Clients can also work with me individually.  During these sessions, I help people identify their growth agenda and give them the tools they need to bring about the change they desire personally or professionally.

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email me at: ftransformation@aol.com for more information!