Miriam2“Inducing the mind to give up its miscreation is the only application of creative ability that is truly meaningful, (A Course In Miracles).”



Empowerment is a journey into our interior self, where our true nature lies.  When we awaken our true nature or spirit, we are guided by it and not our ego.  This awakening is necessary in order for our personal and professional lives to be successful.

The Model

Shifting focus from what isn’t working to a vision

Shifting from static to organic growth

Integrating self-awareness/behavioral change to bring about desired results

 The Methodology

Increase Awareness to determine what you desire

Translate your awareness into a Vision

Transform limiting beliefs

Growth – a written intention and visual image


Increased personal and professional success/happiness

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Guiding and supporting the personal and professional growth of individuals and groups who wish to change behaviors in order to bring about a desired outcome.

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